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KPU’s Circular Letters on Media Competition

On January 16, the General Election Commission of Indonesia (Komisi Pemilihan Umum/KPU RI) issued two circular letters to the General Election Commission at the Provincial and District level related to the Media Competition activity which is organized by the General Election Network for Disability Access (AGENDA) in collaboration with KPU RI and the Indonesian Press Council. In the letter no. 55/KPU/I/2017, the Chairman of KPU RI requested all local KPUs to disseminate the information about the media competition to the media, to put the information about the competition on the website of each Local KPUs, to print the poster about the competition and put it on the announcement board and to conduct media discussion at the Media Center on Accessible Election for Voters with Disabilities in 2017 Local Elections. In the letter no. 56/KPU/I/2017, the Chairman of KPU RI informed all the Local KPUs that KPU RI in cooperation with AGENDA and the Press Council will give an award to Local KPU whose website is the most accessible website. Therefore, the Local KPUs were advised to improve their website and make it more accessible for persons with disabilities. The criteria of the accessible website is also provided in the letter.

Workshop on Advocacy Toolkit to DPOs

On December 20, AGENDA conducted Workshop on Advocacy Toolkit to DPOs. It was attended by the 15 people from 8 DPOs in Indonesia and 2 people from CDPO, Cambodia. The participants learned about advocacy, ways to build priority objective, SMART approach in developing advocacy strategy and tools and techniques in conducting advocacy.

Training on Election to DPO’s leaders

On December 19, Provincial KPU of Banten organized a Training on Election to DPO’s leaders in Tangerang, Banten and invited AGENDA to be facilitators at the event. The training was attended by 37 people representing 9 DPOs. The participants gained more knowledge on the importance of the political participation, the political rights of persons with disabilities, the electoral cycle and how to increase the participation of persons with disabilities in election.




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