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Discussion at @america on Pilkada Jakarta 2017

On February 21st, 2017 AGENDA organized a discussion with the theme ‘Pilkada Jakarta 2017: Lesson Learned and Turnout Voters with Disabilities’ at Pacific Place 3rd Floor @america. There were 3 speakers at the discussion Betty Epsilon Idroos – Provincial KPU of Jakarta, Achmad Fachruddin – Provincial Supervisory Body of Jakarta and Muhammad Zaid – JPPR. The discussion was moderated by Tolhas Damanik, AGENDA Disability Rights Advisor. According to Provincial KPU of Jakarta, turnout of voters with disabilities was very high, 99.7% voted, JPPR raised its observation finding that only 210 of 1001 polling stations observed in Jakarta Gubernatorial Election met all the 7 indicators of an accessible polling station based on AGENDA requirements. Both speakers from Provincial Supervisory Body of Jakarta and JPPR questioned the reason behind high increase number of voters with disabilities from around 5,000 on fixed voter list in December 2016 to around 10,000 on election day in February 2017. Provincial Supervisory Body of Jakarta presumption in explaining the increasing number of voters with disabilities was due to incapability of some poll workers in defining persons with disabilities. Thank you to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for the support. The discussion is available at https://livestream.com/accounts/21606213/events/6448829/videos/150046687

AGENDA Disability Right Advisor became Resource Person at METRO TV


On Feb 14, AGENDA Disability Rights Advisor became one of the resource person at ‘Selamat Pagi Indonesia’ (Good Morning Indonesia ) talk shOw in METRO TV, a private nationwide television network in Indonesia. The theme of the talk show was ‘Citizen’s enthusiasm on 2017 concurrent elections’. AGENDA Disability Rights Advisor discussed in the talk show the General Election Commission including its DKI Jakarta chapter increasing efforts in providing accessible election for persons with disabilities. The other resource person wwas Theresia Maryati (Volunteers of Democray). Thank you  to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for the support. The talk show is available at http://video.metrotvnews.com/selamat-pagi-indonesia/nN9JmQ9b-antusiasme-warga-di-pilkada-serentak-2017-1 and http://video.metrotvnews.com/selamat-pagi-indonesia/zNPAxzVb-antusiasme-warga-di-pilkada-serentak-2017-2

AICHR Indonesia – AGENDA Consultative Meetings with stakeholders on Disability RAP

On Feb 2 and 3, Dr. Dinna Wisnu, Indonesian Representative to ASEAN Intergovernmental Commission on Human Rights (AICHR) and General Election Network for Disability Access (AGENDA) organized dialogue meetings with representatives from Government of Indonesia and Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs). These dialogues aim to inform all stakeholders about the results from the first AICHR Task Force meeting for the preparation of the draft of the Regional Plan of Actions on mainstreaming the rights of persons with disabilities in three community pillars of Association of South East Asian Nation (ASEAN), which was successfully organized in Bangkok, Thailand from 5 to 6 December 2016. Apart from it, the meetings also aim to generate inputs from the Government and DPOs about several priority of actions for mainstreaming the rights of persons with disabilities, especially for the Political Security Pillar of the ASEAN. Eleven representatives from the Government and 20 representatives from DPOs participated in the activities. Lily Purba, Chairperson of ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection the Rights of Women and Children (ACWC) also had a chance to involved in a dialogue with representatives from DPOs at the second day of the meeting. AICHR Indonesia will organize regular dialogue on disability with all stakeholders, especially during the process of the development of the RPA by the AICHR Task Force this year.

AGENDA talk show at TVRI on Voters with Disabilities, Jakarta, 2017-03-06

On Feb 6, AGENDA Disability Rights Advisor became one of the speakers at the TV Talk show at the National Television of Indonesia (TVRI) Indonesia today program at 2 – 2.30 PM. The topic was ‘We also want to vote”. The talk  show discussed about participation of voters with disabilities in regional head elections.  The other speakers were Ferry Kurnia Rizkiyansyah (the Commissioner of General Election Commission - KPU RI) and Gufroni Sakaril (Indonesian Disabled People Association – PDPI). During the talk show, part of AGENDA Accessible Polling Station was  shown.  Thank you  to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for the support. The talk show is available at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3iGXtN3Grs

Banten Socialization to Voters with Disabilities

On Jan 31, AGENDA facilitated the socialization of the Accessible Election to voters with disabilities organized by the Provincial KPU of Banten. The activity was the last activity of the series election related activities involving person with disabilities prior to 2017 Banten Gubernatorial Election.




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